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  Music Tuition & Performance Development

Music Tuition &
Performance Development  

At Tamwel Arts we believe that life is a performance, and what better way to embrace the beauty and splendor of living than with a musical backdrop!
We offer one-on-one or group tuition at both our studio location and at selected schools for the following instruments: 
        Guitar            Violin            Ukulele
        Piano             Vocal             Drums
        Bass               Mentoring     Songwriting
When you learn with Tamwel Arts, you understand your instrument and love learning to play music. Students learn to confidently tune their instrument, maintain correct posture, challenge their learning and understand tablature and notation. On a more practical level, they learn about melodies, chords, rhythm, timing, harmonies, and can actively apply this knowledge to their every day practice.

Our lesson plans are driven by the interests and learning style of the student to ensure that they are with Tamwel Arts, you are never too young or old to play music for the first time. Our tried and tested methologies make learning music with Tamwel Arts super easy to understand. Why not give us a go? Call us on 0410 595 300
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