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“I've struggled to find tutors of any activity that I feel cater to the needs of my 10 year old son, who has combined type ADHD with co-morbid anxiety. Tammy's ability to engage with my son in his music therapy lessons is absolutely inspiring. She is incredibly patient and adapts quickly when he loses focus. It is wonderful to see my son holding his drum sticks and tapping out a pattern he created!” Nicky, Dexter’s Mum

Anyone that wishes to learn guitar is in the best hands with Tamwel Arts. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend them. Claire - Mum of Ella 

Tammy from Tamwel Arts is a talented guitarist and her teaching ability is outstanding. Thomas has been getting lessons since early last year and he has learnt so much in a small space of time. He has a really good connection with Tammy and she is clear in her teaching methods,  making it easy for learning. 
Kirsten, Thomas’ Mum (lessons started Feb 2019)

Tamwel Arts inspires great diligence.

Raoul - Dad of Sebastian & William
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