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Ken Moyle
Drum Mentor            

Ken has worked in the Youth Work field since 1992 and played drums since the age of 12. Throughout his career I have had the opportunity to work with young people in many different settings. The roles included working in structured and non-structured programs, groupwork, case management, skills development programs, and alternative education.

Some of the roles involved running groups within schools while others were within Community Centers. Much of Ken’s employment has included working with young people at risk of disengaging from mainstream schooling, or who had already disengaged. Many of these young people presented with some social issues commonly due to ADHD and Autism. We are very honoured to have Ken work with Tamwel Arts with the ability to encourage participation utilizing different approaches to cater for differing learning styles and desired outcomes.

Ken has been involved in programs that have provided great insight into effective approaches to developing skill and confidence , including Adventure Based programs, Peer Leadership Program (Kids Helpline), Drum Beat, and most recently The Hero in You (Tailored to Connect)

Ken is adept at facilitating activities and workshops and teaching and modeling acceptance of difference. He recognizes and acknowledges students’ strengths and engages in a nonjudgmental and inclusive approach.
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