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Kiera Collins  
Holistic Arts Therapist

~ When we take the time to create music and art, not only do we nourish our minds, hearts and souls, but we can participate in conversations that help us achieve our personal goals. Dreams look different for everyone, though music and art can be so adaptable to anyone that chooses to invest the time into themselves ~ 

Keira is an experienced teacher and performer. She was born into a musical family and from the age of 18 started teaching voice and guitar. This progressed to founding her own music academy in her hometown of Mildura.

Keira has a Diploma in Holistic Art Therapy and works with many of our participants conducting Holistic Music Wellness and Healing Sessions in the north of Adelaide and in her studio in Lewiston. 

“I love where music and art takes me and I love that I have the ability to travel to homes around Adelaide and beyond to help those around me using the tools I have learned along the journey of life so far.”
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