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  Tempos 4 Tots   

Children have a natural ability and interest in music, which can be fostered and developed by beginning music sessions at a very young age. Regardless of your own musical background, you will have so much fun dancing, singing, and laughing along with your children in the session, that you will almost forget how much learning is happening. 
Being involved in Tempos 4 Tots will bring you and your child the excitement of new music and activities, a positive early childhood music education experience and a chance to meet and make new friends. We incorporate song, percussion & string instruments, musical games, movement, as well as opportunities for your child to create, explore and express themselves as musicians.

Being involved in music helps develop coordination, concentration, listening skills and memory. Group classes also help develop childrens' social skills and confidence. They learn to play percussion instruments, sing, dance, and are exposed to various styles of music in a relaxed and productive atmosphere.

Tempos 4 Tots runs classes on demand and can do birthday parties.
empos standard prices are $15 per child for a half hour session.
Casual attendees are welcome at $20 per half hou
Sessions are booked by appointment. 
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