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Sun Flowers


We are a Music Mentoring and Wellness, Instrumental Tuition and Performance Development studio, crazy-passionate about helping you blossom and grow into your very best self! We treasure every student and offer personalised and constantly evolving teaching strategies to ensure all students flourish under our guidance.

Testimonials: See some of success stories from our Tamwel Arts families here.  Please browse our website and EMAIL US if you have any questions. We are only a click or call away! 
Tamwel Arts are “in tune with you” ... We inspire our students to achieve those goals that aren't YET in their reach and teach them that they can achieve ANYTHING they put their mind to.  
We offer targeted, individual strategies to accomodate the learning differences and neurodiversity of our students and offer step-by-step plans to achieve individual musical goals. 
At Tamwel Arts, Music comes second to the growth of the individual. Everyone is on their own path. We encourage you to reach out and tell us a little about yourself and we would love to see how we can help you. 

  Founder’s Notes  

Tamwel Arts was founded by Director Tamarra Methofer, who’s late foster sister “Bri” sparked Tammy's passion to help kids like her become the best version of themselves. 

Tamwel Arts has been living their passion since 2007, growing from a small music tuition service to the specialised music, mentoring and wellness school it is today. 

Being approved for NDIS, we revel in the unique and rewarding challenges of helping children and adults learn life skills using music as a tool. Our tried and tested methodologies are gifted to each student to support them in their social development, communication, fine and gross motor skills, confidence and self esteem. We work with students on the autism spectrum, students with SPD, ADHD, ODD, global developmental delay, anxiety and depression, intellectual disabilities and a multitude of other conditions using targeted and tailored strategies to bring out their very best.

So yes, it’s about learning music, but from the heart it’s about inspiring you to become the most awesome version of yourself!

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