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Arts Therapy

  Arts Therapy  

Northern Suburbs:
If words and music aren’t enough, let us help you use a different method for finding your wellness. Tamwel Arts provides Holistic Arts Therapists who can undertake visual art (painting and drawing), clay modelling, sand therapy, sound therapy (including singing bowls, hums, drums and instruments), meditation, movement & dance therapy, drama therapy, “Children and Art” Therapy and of course music therapy. We tailor our therapy sessions specifically for your personal needs.

Southern Suburbs:
Art Therapy Sessions aim to extend creative thinking, self-regulation, self-awareness, emotional literacy, self-confidence, resilience and empowerment. Art therapy is based on individuals' unique goals that are then transpired into a visual format. Artistic experience and skill base is not necessary for art therapy. It’s more about the process than it is about the product. Exploring through art can take the form of painting, drawing, sand play, collage, textiles, clay and marbling just to name a few. Needless to say, a bit of mess and fun are joyous biproducts!  

To connect with the Art Therapist for you, click on either our
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